Welcome to the GamePay

We offer services of subscriptions to online games, selling game currency and other in-game and digital goods.

For players:

  • Fast

    All purchases are made by using modern ways of payment and can be activated instantly. No need to wait for enrollment.

  • Useful

    All payment options in a single interface. No need to look for a provider for your preferred method of payment.

  • Profitably

    We work directly with the service provider so we can offer the most attractive rates for our customers.

For game developers and content providers:

  • Safe

    All payments are going through a secure transaction that guarantees quality and safety.

  • Attractive

    Your users will appreciate the convenience and a wide range of payment methods that increase the amount of your regular customers.

  • Useful

    You do not need to expend energy on the development of systems of subscription and payment, and lets you focus on improving your content.

To use our services, make sure that your game supports GamePay payment instrument and select the method of payment "Payment via GamePay".