Service agreement

  1. This service (hereinafter Service) provides the opportunity to purchase a subscription to the online games or in-game goods (currency) provided by a third party, which concluded an agreement with the Service (hereinafter Supplier).
  2. Responsibility for the content provided by Supplier carries the Supplier.
  3. All items offered for purchase are available in digital form only and are absent in the form of material things.
  4. To use the services of the Service you must be a registered member of the Supplier's website and choose among the proposed methods of payment "GamePay".
  5. Select a category of the proposed service is made on the supplier's website. Service allows you to choose the amount and duration of paid digital products and services.
  6. Subscription activation or enlistment game currency occurs instantly after the payment operator confirms the payment. Service is not responsible for software, hardware and other payment operator failures or miscommunications on the Internet, resulting in a delay of payment. In case of delay the provision of paid services, please contact us via the feedback form for speedy fixes.
  7. You may at any time abandon the use of purchased digital goods and services, but the payment in this case are not refundable.
  8. Service is not responsible and does not return the amount paid for the acquisition of digital goods, if you have lost the ability to use them in result of infringement of the Supplier's rules if these violations entailed Ban or lock your game account.
  9. Services are considered to be granted from the date of receipt of your payment. Service is not responsible and does not return the amount paid if you do not get the services provided during the subscription term.
  10. Paying to the Service constitutes your full agreement with the above rules.
  11. The Service reserves the right to change these rules without notice. All changes will be posted on this page and will take effect from the date of publication.